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ALL stories have been rewritten to some extent. The greater rewrites will be labeled as such.

Stories designated as "Valjiir Universe" do not always involve the usual Valjiir characters.

The story collections ("Tales From The Clave," "The Daffy Diaries," etc.) aren't necessarily in their chronological "place" in the listings
- because the page looks better that way!

All stories are intended for an adult audience. All are PG-rated at least, most are R-rated if only for language.
Those with explicit sex are labeled as such [and I suppose that depends on your definition of 'explicit'].
Those containing same-sex and/or violent content are labeled.

If the Story Name is underlined, it is available to read (it will also have a short description)! Just click on the name!

There are many Valjiir stories that never saw print. This is an evoloving multiverse, people!
These stories are designated with an asterick (*) before the story name.

Valjiir has always incorporated a lot of music in its stories and in 'filks.'
Now you can hear the original songs referenced in Valjiir (if you're so inclined).
Just click on the various links contained within the Stories.

If you see "NEW!" in front a story, that means it's been recently added.
This sign will say up for about a month after adding a story.

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* Logic's End (Vignette) - inspired by a quote from Journey to Babel - How does Spock know his father is quite capable of killing; logically and efficiently?
* Venture Capital (Valjiir Universe Vignette) - Meet Loki Monolem of the Haven Trading Empire.
Waterfall - A young Spock gets a surprise at Starfleet Academy
* Some Old Drunk (Vignette) - Louisa DelMonde is spooked by a strange man while shopping with her 8 year old son. By Cheryl Petterson and Mylochka.
* Hallowed Birthday (Vignette) - On being born just after midnight on All Saint's Day. By Cheryl Petterson and Mylochka.
* The Handler (Valjiir Universe Vignette) - Loki Monolem receives a mysterious message - and an even more mysterious visitor
* Joyeux Noel (Vignette) - Christmas on the bayou - otherwise known as a day in the life of Noel Christopher DelMonde. By Mylochka.
* Wayward Son (Vignette) - A brief, stark introduction to Noel Christopher DelMonde
* New Kid In Town (Vignette) - Where you been lately? there's a new kid in town. Everybody loves him... By Cheryl Petterson
* Janeiro - Takeda Sulu's sordid relationship with Ruis Calvario (explicit sex, same-sex, violence)
* Sha Zevran - Lane Gage, Dealer Extraordinaire, meets his thunderbolt - a young Asian named Kam. (explicit sex, same-sex)
* Divine Wind - Life with Cal from Kam's point-of-view (explicit sex, same-sex, violence)
* Have You Even Seen The Rain? by Mylochka - Chld Protection Services takes an interest in a wild, 14 year old Cajun boy.
* First Contact (Vignette) - Dr. Jade Han meets her Vulcan xenopsychology subject.
* Dirty White Boy / * Special Dark (Vignettes) - Two companion vignettes: when Del met Jeremy.
Starcrossed - Selar, a Vulcan geneticist meets an intriguing young Indiian, Jilla Costain. Marriage follows, and a proper Indiian wife moves with her husband to Vulcan - but how can an Indiian adjust to a world in which emotion is considered bad taste?
* Meeting His Maker - A fateful time at the Clave, culminating in the best needle ever built. By Mylochka and Cheryl Petterson
Terror of Alterra - Introducing Ruth Maxwell Valley
A Time To Be Born (formerly "Those Shoes") - Ruth meets a mysterious racer named Katana.
The Dead Have Names - A Hunter is preying on racers. Who is s/he? Can s/he be stopped?

A series of vignettes, all taking place at the Clave.
Click on the banner above to see them all, or go to the individual links below!
               * Gypsy (explicit sex, bondage)
               * Groupie
              * Cajun and Kam

              * Fortunate Son by Mylochka
               * Connections
              * Chemistry 101
              * Upstairs (explicit sex, same-sex, violence)
               * Love Is a Battlefield

* Time Bomb - The news of the Hunter's arrest travels to the Clavists - and one particular Clavist - at Starfleet Academy.
* The Sulu Collection (unfinished) - Soooo, was it really Sulu's intention to sleep with at least one member of every alien species in the Federation?
* Roommates: In The Beginning - The eventually infamous first meeting of Pavel Andrevitch Chekov and Noel Christopher DelMonde. By Mylochka.
You Love The Thunder - At Starfleet Academy, Ruth meets another telepath, a Human named Noel DelMonde.
* Compliments (Vignette) - Conversation in the Chekov/DelMonde cabin can be quite - bizarre. By Mylochka.
* Homework (Vignette) - Del and Ruth have words - and other things - regarding one of Del's assignments. By Mylochka.

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* The Daffy Diaries
A series by Mylochka (with some from Cher)
of wonderfully delightful vignettes, starring eveyone's favorite crazy person - Daphne Gollub!
Click on the link above to see them all, or go to the individual links below!
       *Make This Fast
       *What Alice Said
       *Fait Accompli
       *Hat Trick
        *Once Upon A Mattress
       *Living Dangerously
       *Trouble In Paradise
       *Making Up Is Hard To Do
       *Friendly Advice
       *Dear Diary
        *The "L" Word
        *Martha, My Dear
        *Gullible's Travels

* What's In A Name? (Vignette) - his name is Sulu, but that's not a Japanese name, and Pavel Chekov is understandably curious.
Montage - Ruth joins the crew of the Enterprise; a story in - guess what? - a montage of scenes.
* Redshirts
- Something's not right on the asteroid mining colony, Kottman's Glory, and the newest members of the crew of the U.S.S.Hood - Ensign Jeremy Paget and Ensign Noel DelMonde - are part of the team looking into what appears to be sabotage. By Mylochka.
* Pillow Talk (Vignette) - Ruth and Sulu discuss their former lovers - well, sort of...
* The Thing They Weren't Talking About (Vignette) - The aftermath of Redshirts By Mylochka and Cher.
My Friend, The Witch Doctor - Keheil and Doctor clash - will Ruth and McCoy ever be able to work together?
The Harvest
- The Enterprise receives a visit from mysterious strangers.
* This Is Shore Leave?
- shore leave, Daffy Gollub-style, with more than a little help from her friends. (mildly explicit sex)
A Time Honored Tradition
- a wake, Starfleet style. NOTE: Contains new scenes and song link.

It's Not Nice To Fool Mother Nature
- Jilla Majiir joins the crew of the Enterprise - with a little surprise for Spock. NOTE: New plot elements have been added. Many thanks to Jason for his wonderful suggestions, and to Dave for helping write them.
Wild Good Chase
- A certain newly promoted lieutenant and a certain ensign are reported AWOL.
The Long Run
including the previously separate vignette, Wild Heart - Who is gonna make it, we'll find out...
* In the Line of Duty
- Admiral Ivan Gordon is suspected of defrauding the Federation, and Jim's assignment is to find proof one way or another - by any means necessary.(explicit sex, same-sex, violence)
If I Were...
- A murder mystery. Something is killing the crew of the Enterprise in their sleep. But what?
Double Vision
including the previously separate vignette, Two Out of Three Ain't Bad - On shore leave, Sulu and Ruth deal with their unrequited love. (explicit sex)
* A Heart Flush (Vignette)
- the reaction of a certain Haven to the events in Double Vision (same-sex)
Sweet Fire
- A long dead culture is excavated - Ruth and Jilla have a new project; warp shuttles - The Haven Trading Empire threatens war - And Jim Kirk examines an artifact he shouldn't. A novella of posssession, betrayal and desperation.(violence)
* Ebony Beauty
by Mylochka - Something's not right on Kelincar, and Uhura, Pavel and Daffy are sent to infiltrate the Prime Directive-protected culture to investigate.
formerly T'Was The Nightengale - The Great Romance of the Enterprise moves to the next level...(explicit sex)
* Undercovers (Valjiir Universe Vignette) - The niece of the CEO of Haven completes an important assignment - with a couple of cameos.

* Hotel California: - you can check out any time you like, but you can never leave... Adventures in a psycho-cin, consisting of:
       * Prologue and Captain's Log, Rentig VI - how innocently things begin...
       * The Queen's Necklace - and first adventures are mostly tons of fun...
        * A Cautionary Tale - but beware of morality plays...
       * A Tragic Romance - and even when the ending's not as bad as it could've been...
       * The Barbarian - or the circumstances are ludicrous and frightening...
       * The Lure of The Blood - or deep emotions are twisted into a bizarre 'vampires not exactly in space'...
       * White Slavery - and just when you think you've gotten out...
       * Klingons! - help is found in unlikely places...
       * The I.S.S. Enterprise - but even last-ditch efforts sometimes go astray...
       * Epilogue - and in the end, there's one thing a psychocin never is.

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"NEW!"* Some Fishy Business by Mylochka - The Hood is experiencing a strange power drain, and the planet they're orbiting claims to have no idea why; but Captain Jack Aronson is not quite that gullible, and neither are the secutiy officer and engineer he brings with him to investigate.
* Under My Thumb - The Imperial Chekov is in fear for his life, and he chooses to run where even Security Chief Sulu can't follow; the Federation - forcing Pavel Andrevitch to attempt to survive in his place.(explicit sex, same-sex, violence)
D'Artagnan and the Silver Streak - The Alconians have a new weapon, and the Enterprise is sent to explore purchasing options - so why is Ruth so nervous?
Greetings (Valjiir Universe) - Admiral Rhonda Brezshnova puts together a crew for a special, top-secret assignment... and what a crew it is!
Telmnori (formerly "Incident") - - Jilla takes a 'religious' leave on Indi with dire consequences.
Mindtrap (formerly "You Always Hurt The One You Love") - Three crewmembers are missing on Canti, and Jim is determined to get them back - and if he wasn't, Sulu would be because one of them is Jilla!
The Priest (Valjiir Universe Vignette)
- A Southern waitress just has to serve the man who ordered a mint julep...
Dear Log
- After four months without leave, Jim's personal log gets - interesting.
Witch Hunt - Jim is under orders to cooperate with five Terran commissioners, whose purpose is far from the ideals of the Federation.
Repercussions - Starfleet releases McCoy's records regarding an Indiian's unusual hormonal cycle, which is read by a researcher at the Vulcan Science Academy.
* Survive And Thrive by Mylochka - The Hood is on assignment to dismantle the planet-killer the Enterprise had destroyed three years earlier - but Lieutenants Noel DelMonde and Jeremy Paget think there's something more going on than meets the eye.

A Different Way of Looking at Things - Aliens use Ruth and Spock for some telpathic fantasies - but how far-fetched are they?
A Sordid Affair - The long-awaited profession of love and a marriage proposal or two. And, or course, there's a hitch.(explicit sex)
Something Old, Something New (formerly "Opera") - The Enterprise arrives at Starfleet Headquarters to pick up new crewmembers; the beautiful Ensign LiLing, Dr. Jade Han - and Noel DelMonde. (not-terribly-explicit erotica)
* Roommate (Vignette) by Mylochka - Del and Pavel meet again.
* If I Stay, There Will Be Trouble (Vignette) by Mylochka - Del gets a call from his secret shrink, Jeremy Paget.
* Kiss The Cook - by Mylochka and Cher - Jeremy Paget is worried about Del's transfer, and so he contacts Sulu on the Enterprise. Sulu, in turn, devises an ingenious way to help Del get socialized - a cooking contest.
* That Girl Could Sing (Vignette) - Del uses music like shrimp minds.
* Always A Woman - The relationship of Noel DelMonde and Daphne Gollub in one vignette.
* The Dragon and St. Del - by Mylochka - Sulu, Pavel Chekov, and Noel DelMonde are trapped on a planet with a broken shuttle - and telepathic dragons.
* Cataclysmic (Vignette) - With new musicians on board, there's bound to be new music.
* King of Pain (Vignette) - another musical interlude
At The Center - The Enterprise is assigned to explore the galactic center - with far-reaching results. NOTE: This story has been extensively re-plotted from the published version.
* Roommate - Part Two (Vignette) by Mylochka - more about life in the Chekov/DelMonde cabin.
* The De-Vel In the Details (Vignette) - a drinking game goes awry.
NEW!*A Meshuggunah Pirate Movie Jade has an idea for raising the crew's morale.
Lover's Cross - They said it was bound to happen; Sulu has an affair with the beautiful Ensign LiLing. Will Jilla survive? Will Sulu? NOTE: This story has been extensively re-written from the published version.
* Dubious Deals Done Cost-Effectively (Vignette) - there's a new assignment to be made in the Haven Empire, and Tomor Rand proposes a little wager at the behest of his boss.
Could Mohammed Move a Mountain? - The Havens are joining the Federation! And in honor of the occasion, a private little performance becomes a major production. But with Havens, nothing's ever quite that simple.
* Roommate - Part Three (Vignette) by Mylochka - it's Tuesday, and Del has some sound advice for Pavel regarding the Russian's on-again, off-again relationship with Daffy.
* Reaching Eden - a novel-length story by Mylochka (and yours truly) - the Sevrintes are at it again - except this time they've turned to violence. Can a mutinous crew of ex-Clavists stop them?
* Reaching Eden Epilogue: The Book Of Penances
- the undercover team has returned safely - but there are consequences to every mission, and dues to be paid...
NEW!*In A Good Way (Vignette) by Mylochka - Uhura wonders why Del is so shy around her.
* The Singer or the Song - A transporter mishap again creates doubles - but it's not what you're thinking...
* A Cajun Christmas Carol (Vignette) - Ruth gives Del a Chanukah gift with interesting results. (Oh come on, every fan 'verse has a Charles Dickens vingette!)
* Stardust Woman (Valjiir Universe) - Loki Monolem is on Lorelei to discover the source of some strange accounting anomolies - and gets far more information than she bargained for - or wanted.
* Roommate - Part Four: What's In a Name? (v.2) (Vignette) - Pavel has some insights on people's names.
You're Sixteen, You're Beautiful, and You're Mine - A transporter malfunction causes Ruth, Jilla, Sulu and Jim to believe that they're - you guessed it - sixteen years old. And, of course, Dave Calvin wants the Enterprise to impress a delegation of new Federation members.
* Things That Go Bump In The Night - It's Halloween and someone is throwing a costume party - but no one is taking credit for the idea. Let's see,what to wear, what to wear...

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Prologue: Did The Full Moon Make You Mad? - Jim is missing, Spock is captain - and he's made a devil's bargain which will alter not only the command structure of the Enterprise but his relationships as well.
Knife's Edge - Radiation is destroying Migera and the Captain takes a landing party down to discover the source. But radiation plays hell with delicate instruments.
Breakfire - Convincing the Captain to allow shoreleave isn't easy - and it's the crew's bad luck to have leave granted on starbase that's about to be sabotaged.
Perfectus Logica (formerly "Watermark") - The Prime Directive is being violated on Rundella, and Spock must gather evidence of the Federation outpost's innocence, using perfect Vulcan logic - and Jilla and Jade as bait.
In A Darkened Space - Spock has finally driven Ruth too far - into Del's arms. Can Jilla ever forgive her?
Danse Macabre - Another mission, another baited trap... and Jilla and Ruth meet with an old terror.
Wine - poetry by a confused, hurting Noel DelMonde
Hallowed Be Thy Name - As always, Del uses music to reveal his tortured soul. Ruth has left him, but why?
Chain Reaction - Ruth and Del are AWOL. Have they really run away together? And why are they seen in the company of Klingons?
Epilogue: Still a Ways Away - Captain Bastard's reign is at an end. Jim Kirk is found, all secrets are finally revealed, and the Enterprise faces a new beginning.
* Epilogue Two: Old Love - The final loose end - Noel DelMonde leaves the Enterprise. Written by Mylochka.