A Series of Vignettes
by Mylochka

Gullible's Travels
(after An Old-Fashioned Man)

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"Hi sweetie." Daphne Gollub breezed into her boyfriend's cabin. "Whacha doin'?"

"Setting up a probability variance model for Mr. Spock," Pavel Chekov answered, then added as a preemptive apology, "His communiqué indicated that he wants it as soon as possible."

Daffy amiably leaned over the Russian's shoulder and took a look at his computer screen. "How long do you think it will take you?"

"I have nearly completed it," the navigator assured her. "I hope I'm not delaying any plans you may have made."

The chemist gave him an affectionate nibble on the ear. "I don't have anything planned for tonight that can't wait for you, bubbee."

For another more empathetic person, this uncharacteristic cheerfulness might have set off warning bells. For Chekov, it seemed merely like a welcome indication that he might be having sex later on.

"It's nothing too hard, is it?" Gollub said, massaging his shoulders lightly.

"Not at all," the Russian replied, sending another set of instructions to the computer. "I'm surprised Mr. Spock didn't do it himself."

"Well, you know, he stays pretty busy running the ship and being the smartest person in the universe and all."

"It's just that he hasn't asked me for any work like this since..."

"Since Ruth came and stole his heart away?"

The navigator made a face. "...since I was an ensign," he concluded pointedly.

"Well, maybe they had a hot date or something."

"Perhaps. If this co-efficient is right, then..." Chekov paused, then smiled as the final column of figures turned from red to green.

"You're such a smarty." The chemist congratulated him with a kiss. "Want me to run it by the Science Lab for you?"

"Thank you, Dafshka. Let me make a back up first." The Russian typed a quick set of instructions to the computer. "I wonder what he intends to use this for?"

"Is it something unusual?"

"No, not at all." Chekov answered as a data card was slowly ejected from the terminal. "In fact, if I didn't know better, I would think he was setting up a betting pool."

Daffy gave a light laugh in response to this patently ludicrous suggestion as she reached for the card.

Now that Chekov's calculations were done, he noticed that two and two were suddenly adding up to make four right beside him. He put a hand over the chemist's before she could pluck the data away.


She sighed and smiled. "You are so good at math..."

"You falsified this request didn't you? This data is for you."

"...and are just letting it go to waste," she finished, taking his hand off hers.

He frowned and folded his arms. "I doubt that most people would think being the chief navigational officer on a starship is letting my talents languish."

"They don't have my debt," Gollub replied, neatly tucking the card inside the neckline of her uniform. " And with this, hopefully neither will I."

"Daphne," Chekov began sternly. "I dislike being deceived."

"Then you're just going to have to get less gullible." She kissed him fondly on top of his head. "And I'm helping you with that."

"How so?"

"Well," she said, patting her neckline with a smile and she backed towards the door. "You'll never fall for this one again, will you?"

~ FINI ~

That's all for now, folks! Keep checking back fore more entries!

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