Ruth Maxwell Valley ani Ramy and Antares

Ruth Maxwell Valley ani Ramy (the "ani Ramy" is a Koltiri matronymic - her mother's name was Ramy. "Koltiri" is the Antaris word for themselves) - Ruth is a hybrid, born of a TerIsraeli father, Yonaton Valley, and an Antari mother. Antaris are a race of semi-divine beings who posses an innate telepathy and empathy. Most of them aren't allowed off Antares because they have a tendency to become whatever is around them. Only those who develop the training for really strong shielding can leave the planet. They're a golden race; gold skin, gold hair, tall, willowy, with enormous purple eyes (yes, their eyes are somewhat slanted like Faeries). Ruth looks pretty much like that, though her eyes are smaller. Still large for Terran eyes, but not the face-dominating feature they are in full Antaris. (For more information on Antaris, see Beta Antares IV)

Ruth was born on a Terran scientific ship, the A.U.S. Blakely. She lived there with her parents until she went to Antares for her training. She's a keheil (pronounced keh-HAIL) which means she's a highly trained priestess and healer. She heals by absorbing the injury into her own body and healing it there. Which, of course, means she can't heal what she doesn't have, like an Andorian antenna or male genitalia. She returned to the Blakely after completing her training, and shortly thereafter, the ship crashed, killing everyone aboard but her. Her mother was pregnant at the time, so even though Ramy was keheil also, she couldn't do anything to save her husband, her unborn child, or herself. Ruth was so badly injured that she only had time to heal herself. She was alone on the planet where the ship crashed for three months till a Fleetship found her. She then went to Terra and enrolled at Alterra. She's three years younger than Sulu (see "Takeda Sulu") so they never met at Alterra - Sulu had already started at the Academy by the time Ruth arrived at Terra. She got involved with the Clave through her cousin, David Maxwell, who was and is a good friend of both Sulu's and Jeremy Paget's (see "Jeremy Paget"). She and David and Jer were the ones who caught Cal (see "Ruis Calvario"). Her racing name is "Spike." She has doctorates in Chemistry, Physics, Computers, and Marine Biology. She's very brash and out-spoken.

She and Sulu didn't actually meet until she was assigned to the Enterprise. She saw him at the Academy and knew his reputation there and decided to add an Antari to the "Collection," but then she got hit with her own thunderbolt - Noel DelMonde. (see "Noel Delmonde") Because Del's a telepath and an empath, like her, they were drawn together. But because his gifts are Terran and hers are Antari, they tended to react like oil and water. They fought almost as hard as they loved. Del is Sulu's age, so they only spent a year together at the Academy before he was assigned to the U.S.S Hood.

She got assigned to the Enterprise, where she and Sulu met, hit it off, became lovers and very good friends. Sulu was always uncomfortable with her abilities - he didn't want her getting into his head because he didn't want her to find out about Cal. She was strictly hetero, and found same-gender relationships kind of disgusting. After Jilla Majiir (see "Jilla Majiir") came on board, Ruth and Sulu settled on a very close, platonic friendship. She calls Sulu "Roy," and he calls her "Spike"; nicknames (which, by the way, Jilla hates) from the Clave.

Ruth was assigned, of course, to the Science Department, although she also does work for an eventual Command grade. She was Spock's (see "Spock") hand-picked assistant and she soon fell in love with him. (although Jilla says she already was in love with him). She worked very hard at developing a friendship with him, which eventually turned into the love and marriage they both wanted.

During "Shadow Captain", their relationship became very rocky, and due to Spock's devil's bargain with Fleet, and a disastrous series of events, Ruth had a brief affair with Noel DelMonde. When Jim was found and Spock could explain his behavior, they both forgave the other. Del transferred to the SanFran shipyards soon after.

Ruth and Spock continued to repair their relationship, and Ruth was currently assigned to the SanFran shipyards (don't worry, Del returned to the Enterprise) to complete the installation of the computers for the Class Two Heavy Cruisers (also known as the Nest ships). She is currently assigned as First and Science Officer aboard the U.s.s. Enterprise N.C.C. 1901, one of the Nest ships, of which Spock is the Captain.

The average lifespan of an Antari keheil is until something hits her that she can't heal. Keheils don't age physically past about 24. If Ruth had been born at Haifa, Israel, she'd be an Aries. Her birthday is April 7th.

Antares is Beta Antares 4. And no, they don't play fizzbin there (though the game would be right up their alleys).

NOTE: All information current up through Standard Year 2253

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