Jeremy Paget

Jeremy Maurice (he hates that middle name) Paget was born in Los Angeles of a TerAfrican father (Charles) and a TerHaitian mother (Dominique). He's about 6'2, well-muscled (not obnoxiously so). His skin is a rich mahogany, and he has chocolate-brown eyes. He wears his hair pretty short and has a carefully trimmed beard and moustache. He also has one ear pieced. His father was a Baptist preacher. He's an only child, two years younger than Sulu (see "Sulu Takeda"). He was infatuated with Sulu from as early an age as he can remember. They grew up in the same neighborhood in LA; the Pagets lived down the street from the Takeda family. When they were children, Jeremy followed Sulu around like a puppy. He got involved with the Clave because Sulu was, likewise with parties at Cal's, and Starfleet.

Bisexual and masochistic, Jeremy knew about Sulu's relationship with Cal. He was, in fact, a partner in Sulu's 'perversions' for Cal's voyeuristic pleasure, though Sulu didn't know that Jeremy knew about Cal's watching. Jeremy never liked Cal, he thought Cal was manipulative and had way too much influence on Sulu. He was instrumental in setting the trap that caught and revealed Cal as The Hunter. His racing name is 'Cobra.'

Jeremy studied psychology at Alterra, and is a fully accredited medical doctor, specializing in aberrant psychology (guess why), though not many people know this. He works from the Jungian disciplines, unlike Jade Han, who's Freudian (see "Jade Han"). He joined Starfleet as a member of Security.

Jeremy was assigned to the Hood and was Noel DelMonde's roommate there (see "Noel DelMonde"). When Del left the Enterprise for the SanFran shipyards after his disastrous affair with Ruth Valley, Jeremy was given a special assignment as his protection and psychologist. Jer returned to the Hood several months later, after the hoopla over the return of Jim Kirk had died down and Del was no longer being hounded by the media.

Jeremy was assigned to the Enterprise as Chief of Security with a covert psychological assignment to keep tabs on both the recovering Jim Kirk and the not-entirely-objective Jade Han. When the Nests were completed, he was asked by both Jilla and Sulu to become the Chief of Security on the D'Artagnan, which he accepted with a whole boatload of mixed feelings.

Jeremy has been devoted to Sulu his whole life. Although after Sulu married Jilla, Jeremy's sexual relationship with Sulu ended, his devotion did not. It only grew to include a devotion to Jilla as well.

Jeremy was born on the cusp of Scorpio and Sagittarius. His birthday is November 24, 2223.

NOTE: All information current up through Standard Year 2253

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