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The site for stories about the Valjiir Star Trek Universe.

This site will contain stories, poetry, artwork, etc. that have been created exclusively for the Valjiir Universe, as well as other Star Trek related stories, as I see fit. ALL stories that were previously published have been rewritten to one extent or another - some almost completely. The versions on THIS website are to be considered Cher's canon. Any previously published versions are, as the old Nixon White House used to say, inoperative.

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Valjiir was originally a fan-fic universe based on Original Star Trek, created/contacted by Cher and Susan. Susan dropped out of this universe over 30 years ago, and it is now maintained by Cher and Dave and as of 2005, Mylochka. Many of the stories seen here were first published in the fanzines In A Different Reality, Alternaties, and The Valjiir Continuum. No infringement on any copyright is intended - we're just here to explore and enjoy the lives of the people who mean so much to us. Contributions (of material, NOT money) are always welcome! This site is an eternal work in progress.

The original Star Trek characters and universe were created/contacted by Gene Roddenberry and are licensed by Paramount (and no, I don't know if Mr. Roddenberry viewed it as 'contact,' but I do - and so do the people I contact).

Feedback is GREATLY appreciated.

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Valjiir has always incorporated a lot of music in its stories and in 'filks.'
You can hear the original songs referenced in Valjiir (if you're so inclined).
Just click on the links contained within the works in the Stories and Poetry Sections.

All Due Honor and Acknowledgement is Given Always
To the Beautiful and Terrible Face of the Muse, Goddess of Inspiration

About the Authors
Cher and Dave have been married for 46 years, and have been contacting the Valjiir universe for nearly all of that time. Besides writing what the people in their heads relate to them, they have raised two children:
      A daughter, Sarah, 40, who has given us two grandchildren, Logan Mathias, who is 18 years old,
             and Gunnar Cash, 13 years old.
      And a son, Danny, 37, who has a Bachelor's degree in Commmunication and is married to to Andrea!
Dave (D. C. Petterson) is also a published science fiction and fantasy author!

Mylochka is a talented CGI artist and a grand addition to the Valjiir Family (who have moved into her head lock, stock and barrel). Visit her site at Deviant Art

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