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The Valjiir Timeline
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Ruis Calvario born Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, South American, UNE, Sol/Jupiter, November 13
Sorrm Soralrn born Shi Karr, Vulcan, 40 Eridani, UFP (eqv. March 29)
Selar Seliklrn born Shi Karr, Vulcan, 40 Eridani, UFP (eqv. July 11)
Spock Sareklrn born Shi Karr, Vulcan, Epsilon Eridani, UFP (eqv. September 11)
James T. Kirk born Des Moines, Iowa, North America, UNE, Sol/Jupiter, UFP, September 27 1:01 AM
Jade Melissa Han born Phoenix, Rigel 9, Rigel Colonies, UFP (eqv. November 5)
Jade and Spock meet in Minneapolis, Minnesota, North America, UNE, Sol/Jupiter, UFP
Takeda Sulu no Jiro born Los Angeles, California, North America, UNE, Sol/Jupiter, UFP June 18, 3:12 PM
Jilla Costain born Rilemi, Indi, Epsilon Indi, UFP (eqv. March 12)
Noel DelMonde born New Orleans, Louisiana, North America, UNE, Sol/Jupiter, UFP November 1, 6:07 AM
Jeremy Paget born Los Angeles, California, North America, UNE, Sol/Jupiter, November 24, 4:16 PM
Ruth Valley born on A.U.S.Blakely (eqv. April 7)
Spock enters Starfleet Academy (See Stories: Logic's End and Waterfall)
Jim Kirk enters Starfleet Academy
Sulu meets Ruis Calvario and Lane Gage (See Stories: Janeiro and Sha Zevran)
Richard suicides
Jade becomes a xenopsychologist
Jade meets Selar (See Stories: First Contact)
Jeremy Paget and Noel DelMonde meet (See Stories: Dirty White Boy: Special Dark)
Ruth becomes keheil; Blakely crashes; Ruth goes to Terra to live with her paternal grandparents (See Stories: The Terror of Alterrra)
Jilla meets and weds Selar (See Stories: Starcrossed)
Sulu enters Starfleet Academy
James Kirk assumes captaincy of U.S.S.Enterprise
Ruth meets Terry (See Stories: A Time To Be Born)
Jeremy and Del enter Starfleet Academy (See Stories: The Dead Have Names)
Ruth enters Starfleet Academy (See Stories: You Love The Thunder)
Sulu assigned to Enterprise
Selar dies, Jilla is forced to leave Vulcan; Jilla enters Starfleet Academy
Del and Jeremy assigned to U.S.S. Hood (See Stories: Redshirts)
Ruth assigned to Enterprise (See Stories: Montage: My Friend, The Witch Doctor)
The Enterprise meets the Silmarils (See Stories: The Harvest)
Jilla assigned to Enterprise; Jilla goes into pon farr; Jilla and Spock agree to have a 'kindred' bond; Jilla and Sulu are pre-bonded, unbeknownst to anyone (See Stories: It's Not Nice To Fool Mother Nature)
Spock addicted to cordrazine; cured by Jilla, Ruth and McCoy (See Stories: Sweet Fire)

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Jilla and Sulu begin marital relationship (See Stories: Triad: D'Artagnan and the Silver Streak: Telmnori)
Jade first 'meets' Jim (See Stories: Dear Log)
Ruth and Spock wed (See Stories: A Different Way of Looking at Things and A Sordid Affair)
Jade assigned to the Enterprise
Del assigned to the Enterprise
LiLing assigned to the Enterprise (See Stories: Something Old. Something New)
Sulu has affair with LiLing (See Stories: Lover's Cross
Sulu, Ruth, Daffy, Pavel Chekov, Sakura Tamura, Jeremy and Del go on an undercover mission to infiltrate the Sevrinites (See Stories: Reaching Eden)
Jim disappears; Spock takes over Captaincy of the Enterprise
"Captain Bastard" year (See Stories: Shadow Captain Series)
Ruth has affair with Del
Jim found and rescued from the past; Jade leaves the Enterprise to work with Jim on Jude Rehabilitation Colony (See Stories: Through All This Madness; Snake Pit, The Last Time I Saw Richard)
Del transfers to San Francisco Shipyards
Jeremy transfers from the Hood to San Francisco Shipyards
Sulu and Jilla formally bonded (See Stories: Film At 11)
Sorrm tries to recreate Vulcan's past (See Stories: An Old Fashioned Man
Jim returns to Captaincy of the Enterprise (See Stories: Welcome Back, My Friends )
Jade returns to the Enterprise
Spock accepts demotion back to First and Science Officer of the Enterprise
Sulu receives promotion and the Captaincy of the U.S.S. Drake (See Stories: I Guess That's Why They Call It The Blues)
Jilla and Ruth assigned to San Francisco Shipyards
Del and Jeremy assigned to the Enterprise (See Stories: Muddying The Waters)
Sulu takes command of the U.S.S. Drake (See Stories: Raising the Stakes)
Spock, Chekov and Del, along with Intelligence Agent Pelori MacEntyre undergo surgery and infiltrate the Romulan Empire (See Stories: Mentiri Et Veritas)
Del tranfers to the (See Stories: Bad To The Bone)
Jim and Jade wed (See Stories: Could It Be Magic)

Nest Ships launched:
NCC 1900 U.S.S. Lincoln - Captain James T. Kirk, First Officer Commander Uhura, Chief of Sciences Lieutenant Commander Elizabeth Arista, Chief Medical Officer Dr. Jade Han, Chief Engineer Commander Noel DelMonde, Chief of Security Commander Tara Ryan, Head Nest Nurse Christine Chapel

NCC 1901 U.S.S. Enterprise - Captain Spock, First Officer and Chief of Sciences Commander Ruth Valley, Chief Medical Officer Dr. Leonard McCoy, Chief Engineer Commander Montgonery Scott, Chief of Security Lieutenant Lacey, Head Nest Nurse Beth Seibert

NCC 1902 U.S.S. D'Artagnan - Captain Takeda Sulu, First Officer and Chief of Sciences Commander Jerel Courtland, Chief Medical Officer Dr. Lian Rendell, Chief Engineer Commmander Jilla Majiir, Chief of Security Commander Jeremy Paget, Head Nest Nurse Rajana Blake
Jilla's second pon farr
Daffy Gollub and Pavel Chekov wed.
Sarek (Glorfindel), son of Ruth and Spock born
Christopher James, son of Jim and Jade born
Jenshahn Ruth, daughter of Jilla and Sulu born

To be continued....

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