James T. Kirk

What is there to say about James Tiberius Kirk, Captain of the Enterprise? He was born in Des Moines Iowa (yeah, I know, popular press says Riverside, but....). He had an older brother, Sam, who was killed along with his wife Aurelan, after an attack on their home on Deneva by aliens. His nephew, Peter, survived and was sent back to Earth.

Jim joined the Academy straight out of Alterra and was an exemplary if somewhat straight-laced cadet. He graduated with highest honors and was assigned to the Farragut where he quickly made his way up through the ranks. He had numerous affairs, but only one serious one, with a woman named (coincidentally) Ruth. There were others who may have thought he was serious, but... (Janice Lester, for one, and Janet Wallace for another). Jim is strictly heterosexual (sorry to all the K/Sers out there).

Jim was given the command of the Enterprise after Christopher Pike was injured in a radiation accident. He formed deep friendships with Dr. Leonard McCoy and the Chief Engineer, Montgomery Scott, and eventually with the aloof Vulcan First Officer, Spock (see "Spock").

Jim is a good, strong, fair and respected captain, well-liked by both Command and his crew. He's something of a tom-cat on leave, but is careful not to involve himself with crew (except for a very discreet affair with his yeoman, Janice Rand, and ocasional trysts with Ruth Valley).

His life became a lot more complicated when Ruth (see "Ruth Valley") was assigned to his ship, and more so when Jilla Majiir (see "Jilla Majiir") came aboard. However, Valjiir is bringing his captaincy quite a bit of renown, so he can hardly mind, can he?

Jim had become intrigued with one Dr. Jade Han (see "Jade Han"), but his interest was interrupted due to the kidnapping which lead to his being displaced into Terra's mid-twentieth century for nearly a year. The mind-sifting he was subjected to caused severe mental trauma, and Jade was his therapist when he was finally returned to his own time. After a year at Jude Rehabilitation Colony, he returned to captain the Enterprise, and eventually he and Jade declared their true feelings. They were wed, and Jim was assigned the captaincy of the Nest flag ship, the U.S.S. Lincoln, where Jade serves as his Chief Medical Officer.

Jim is a Libra, born on September 27 in the year 2211.

NOTE: All information current up through Standard Year 2253

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