Tomor Rand

Tomor Rand is a tall, strongly built Haven who happens to be the Personal Security for Dealer Lane Gage (see Lane Gage). His job, to sum it up succintly, is to protect Gage's ass and assets, while keeping the Dealer within bounds that would be profitable for the Haven Trading Empire as a whole, and the Emperor in particular. (For more information on Havens, see The Haven Trading Empire)

Tomor's true allegiance is to the good of the Empire and to himself. A no-nonsense kind of man, he yet has the trademark Haven imperturbability - as well as a fondness for smoking big, fat cigars of Rigellian. He has absolutely no qualms about doing anything necessary to fulfill his duties - including breaking bones, blackmail, torture, intimidation and the occasional intimate services. Tomor is truly a man who loves his work.

On a mission to secure certain trading rights on the planet of Kelincar, Tomor had the good fortune to meet Uhura (see Uhura), who he immediately dubbed "Ebony Beauty" (for obvious reasons). It was lust at first sight for both of them, and after indulging themselves thoroughly in their mutual new-found attraction, they returned to their separate lives. They continue, however, to take advantage of every available opportunity to spend time in each other's company. Gage believes Tomor was hit by a thunderbolt, and makes frequent allusions to future marriage and/or children - to which Tomor only smiles.

NOTE: All information current up through Standard Year 2248

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