Vignettes by Cheryl Petterson

(Standard Year 2239 - 2244)

Rielle Simtin

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Author's note: When Sulu first arrived at the Academy, his roommate decided, based on Sulu's more than promiscuous nature, that it was Sulu's intent to sleep with at least one member of every non-Human species in the Federation. He termed this quest "the Sulu Collection." It started as a joke. Honest it did.

2240 Starfleet Academy

Lieutenant Rielle Simtin stopped in the recreation area on her way to Commandant O'Conner's office. She needed about two pots of coffee to get through this quarters' grading reports, but settled for a large cup from the mess. She noticed the cadets more than usual because they were being more than usually boisterous. Finals for the quarter had been completed at 1600 hours that afternoon, and the release from two weeks of tension was bound to get rowdy.

There were two or three distinct groups. One was involved in a raucous, bawdy rendition of a famous Vegan epic poem. Being Vegan herself, Rielle found it vaguely offensive and only mildly amusing. A second group was playing a game of strip poker. From the state of disrobement, they were about half way to declaring a winner. The third group was arguing loudly about defensive techniques.

As she headed through the room, her attention was drawn by one of the arguers, who stood up and announced, "There's only one way to settle this! Sulu!"

A young Terran looked up from the card game. "Settle what, Kev?"

"Come show these peasants how it's done!" 'Kev' replied.

The smile that flashed on the man's face was devastating. He stood, his green cadet's tunic on the back of his chair, his boots beneath it. Rielle gasped at the sudden, unexpected surge of desire that rushed through her. The boy was beautiful! He wasn't overly tall, but his skin was the color of bronze, his muscles toned, with the graceful, easy movement that came from coordination and athletic ability. His black eyes were full of mischief and life; a rogue, a pirate, the dark, silky hair rakishly tossed to one side. He crossed the rec area in his bare feet with unconscious sensuality, a great, Asian cat.

"What am I supposed to teach the peasants?" he asked, with a voice as deep and rich as midnight. He's a cadet, Rielle reminded herself sharply. So what? came the immediate response.

She didn't hear the reply to his question. All she saw was him suddenly straightening, then bowing formally to another cadet. The lines of his back were more than interesting. Then there was a sharp cry, a blur of motion, and he was again bowing, this time to his floored opponent and the riotous laughter of both the arguers and the poker players.

"Pay up!" the cadet he'd called 'Kev' crowed, and he smiled and unobtrusively slipped back to the card game.

Rielle waited until the beating of her heart had slowed its furious pace, then again reminded herself of the boy's status. The Commandant's aide-de-camp did not go around seducing cadets, no matter how gorgeous they were. She headed for the door, and was nearly out when a female voice said, "You lose, Sulu. Take 'em off!"

She couldn't resist, and her gaze went back to the poker game.

"You stacked the deck," Sulu accused, but he rose and bent to remove the remainder of his uniform.

Her face turning a deep shade of brown, Rielle rushed from the area. Sulu, right? Sulu.


For three weeks, Rielle kept involuntary, almost subconscious track of Cadet Takeda Sulu's every movement. As a Second Year Cadet, he was required to spend one Quarter Break at Headquarters. She knew what time he usually got up, when and where he ate, how he spent his day, who he slept with. Barely anything was the same two days in a row, with two notable exceptions: he always spent at least an hour in the botany labs just before the lunch bell, and from the hours of 1300 to 1700 he was alone in a study cubicle. She also noted that his bed partners included a Cygnian. He isn't xenophobic when it comes to sex, then. Good.

Good? I repeat, Lieutenant Simtin, the Commandant's aide-de-camp...

Rielle snapped off her viewscreen in frustrated annoyance. Why does this Terran fascinate you so?

Because he's the most beautiful thing I've ever seen.

But he's a cadet!

I'm intending on approaching the man, not the rank.

And just how are you going to accomplish that? Will he be willing to disregard your striped sleeve?

I won't wear a uniform.

Be logical. How do you even know he'll want you?

She got up and walked across her quarters to the full-length mirror on the wardrobe door. She studied her reflection. Five feet, five inches tall, her thin figure was angular, but not too angular. Well, perhaps a little too angular. Her skin was tawny brown, the color of a Terran fawn, reddish rather than golden. Her hair was short, soft curls of russet framing her triangular face. Her lips were thin for Terran tastes, but she had spectacular cat's eyes of burnished amber. She wasn't unattractive, certainly. In fact, she'd been told that she could look incredibly alluring in a wraithish sort of way. She moved experimentally. Elegant, enticing, and yes, sensual. No reason he should find her repulsive.

And just what are you going to do? Walk up to him and sigh, "come to bed"?

If I thought that would work...

You don't have the time anyway. Quarter break will be over in two days and then he'll be back to classes and you'll...

Two days! What are you waiting for? Do it before you lose your chance!

She glanced at the chronometer. The time was 1402. He'll be alone, studying. You could start a conversation, let him know you're interested.

What if he isn't?

But what if he is?


"Mr. Sulu?"

He looked up and Rielle shivered. You've got it bad, Lieutenant, she thought gravely. It's now, or...

"Yes, ma'am?" he said, rising from his seat.

Damn, he knows, even without the stripe. She nervously ran her hands down her pale green chiffon-sleeved arms. He wasn't wearing his cadet's uniform, either. The black and gold traditional Japanese kimono set off the warm color of his skin and the jet of his eyes. If you smile, I just may faint. What do I say to him? Hello, gorgeous, care to come to my quarters for a drink? She cleared her throat. "I am..." she began.

"Lieutenant Simtin, Commandant O'Conner's aide-de-camp," he finished for her, then his face became vaguely uneasy. "Am I in some sort of trouble, ma'am?"

"No," she said quickly. "No, I..." She paused, feeling the blush coming to her cheeks. I just want to take you to bed. "You're in command training, aren't you?" Where had that come from?

"And security, yes, ma'am," he replied. He was looking extremely puzzled. Get to it before he thinks you're crazy!

"Are you terribly busy?" she asked, as casually as she could manage. She caught his eyes doing a quick once-over, wary, unbelieving realization growing in them. She swallowed, trying to keep an alluring smile on her lips.

"A weapons thesis," he told her. "But I've been working on it pretty hard. I can take some time off." A smile began pulling at his lips as he paused. "Why?"

Simtin, if you blow this now... Rielle concentrated on projecting her most desirous self image. "I thought," she purred, "that perhaps we might - get to know one another. I've noticed that you seem to be a very likeable person."

The smile became full-fledged and she nearly did faint. "Thank you...?"

"Rielle," she prompted.

The once-over was slower, and much more obvious. The lean body that had been at near attention relaxed, sending an apprehensive shiver through her.

"Rielle," he repeated.


Morning came much too quickly. Rielle had thought to try and pull a few strings and get the artificial sun to 'malfunction,' but sense took over. She managed to convince herself that she really wasn't the only person in Headquarters. But being with Sulu had certainly made her feel like she was. Or at least that she was the only one who mattered. Where did such a young man learn how to treat a woman so right? He made her feel every inch a woman, warm and giving, beautiful, wise and gloriously wanton. He made love with gentle power, or lustful care, or skillful urgency - and each variation was better than the one before. Sulu Takeda was a strong, virile man with a child's delight and joy. It was a simply marvelous combination.

She relaxed in the luxuriousness of exhaustion, stroking Sulu's head as she cradled it in her arms. He was smiling peacefully, his breathing once again calm and even. Did I say virile? She thought, more than a little giddy. Let's try insatiable, unfailing, inexhaustible. She had never been with a man who could literally go all night. And the unselfishness... He had made certain she was satisfied, and much more than satisfied before he allowed himself climax at all.

I may not be in love with you, cadet, she thought, but I surely love what you do.


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