Karina Costain

Karina Costain was born Karina Naton in an outlying province on the continent of Herrin on Indi. She met her future husband, Jole Costain (see Jole Costain), on a trip into the capital city of Rilemi and fell in love with the handsome engineer. They began a close relationship, in which they had two children, a son, Liore and a daughter, Jilla (see Jilla Majiir). After the birth of their daughter, they agreed to wed, with the blessings of both their families. Soon after, her third child, a daughter named Kera, was born.

Karina is a strong woman, dedicated to her family. When Jole beame an ambassador, she learned all the customs necessary to create a mini-embassay in her home in order to properly entertain her husband's many important guests.

A strict Aeman, Karina raised her children with a strong religious bent. When her eldest daughter, Jilla, met the Vulcan geneticist, Selar, Karina was concerned, but determinedly followed Aeman Tradition and allowed the young adult to make her own decision regarding her place in the world and in Selar's heart.

Though she loves her daughter dearly, she, like all good followers of Aema, has shunned Jilla ever since her daughter's act of telmnori. After this unfortunate incident, Karina and Jole had a fourth child, a son who they named Resele.

Whether or not Karina is aware that Jole keeps in contact with Jilla is unknown - but Indiians ARE sensitives, and it would be tricky for Jole to keep his emotions regarding this from his wife. Torn between being a dutiful wife and being a proper Aeman, however, Karina would never ask him.

NOTE: All information current up through Standard Year 2248

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