Jole Costain

Jole Costain, born in the city of Rilema in Indi, is Ambassador-At-Large to the Federation from Epsilon Indi, and is Jilla Majiir's father (see Jilla Majiir). Also a reknowned engineer, he was responsible for additions to the hull metals of Starfleet's ships, and quite a number of other engineering innovations. A gentle, caring - though, of course, typically emotional - man, he doted on his eldest daughter, instilling in her his love of engineering.

When Jilla fell in love with Selar and asked permission to marry an off-worlder, Jole was troubled, but seeing the light in his daughter's eyes, he couldn't refuse her. After Selar's death, when Jilla returned home, it was Jole who suggested she join Starfleet.

Jole is singularly unusual among Indiians, in that he could not force himself to shun Jilla after she became telmnor. He communicates with her when he can (which is when he is far away from the tia of other Indiians, particularly his wife's), and does his best to ignore Sulu whenever circumstances find them in close proximity - unless he's being affected by zenite gas.

Jole is wed to Jilla's mother, Karina (see Karina Costain), and has three other children, Liore, Kera, and Resele, the youngest of which is NOT considered Jilla's brother, since he was born after Jilla's telmnori

NOTE: All information current up through Standard Year 2248

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