by Cheryl Petterson

(Standard Year 2236)

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There was another bath waiting, another massage, more oil. It had the same effect as before, bringing Sulu to aroused, almost mindless complacency. Cal’s arms were strong and supporting as they again moved to the bedroom. The heady aroma from several small pots of burning herbs scented the air. At the side of Cal’s huge bed, the low black table was set with a beautiful array of sashimi and sushi, almonds and fruits in honey, elegantly fashioned vegetables, with a flask of sake and a cup beside it.

“I thought you might be hungry,” Cal murmured in his ear as they moved onto the bed.

Sulu smiled, reaching for one perfect rice roll. Cal’s hand touched his wrist. “Allow me, beloved,” he said. Sulu sat back on his heels as Cal deftly wielded beautiful lacquered chopsticks, selecting a different piece of food, slipping it sensually into Sulu’s mouth. It was followed immediately by Cal’s lips, the older man’s tongue dipping into Sulu’s mouth to share the taste. Sulu smiled under the decadent kiss. There was another pair of chopsticks on the table and he used them, slipping a slice of carrot into Cal’s mouth, sharing as Cal had shared. Cal sighed soft approval and another piece of delicate fish was shared between them. Then Cal pulled slightly away, reaching for the flask of sake. He poured a small amount into the cup, then, eyes gleaming, leaned backward, slowly dripping the warm wine onto his shoulder and chest.

Sulu shuddered with the eroticism. Cal beckoned, his finger tracing across one of the trails of alcohol on his skin. Sulu leaned closer and Cal painted his lips with the wine. Eyes watching for signs of approval, Sulu bent his head, slowly licking the wetness from Cal’s sun-darkened body.

Cal’s breath was released in a soft moan of pleasure. Emboldened, Sulu selected a strip of green melon, drawing it across Cal’s skin. Cal’s eyes closed with a sigh as Sulu sensually nibbled the fruit from him. Again Cal fed him, again he fed Cal, licked more warm sake from Cal’s chest. Suddenly inspired, he filled the small cup, pouring the wine into his mouth. Cal’s eyes glittered in the dim light as Sulu leaned toward him. There was knowledge and an arrogant surety in Cal’s gaze that made Sulu’s stomach flutter. Heart pounding, he kissed Cal, his mouth opening, pressing against the older man to tilt his head back. The liquid flowed between their sealed lips, filling Cal’s mouth, followed by the languid exploration of Sulu’s tongue.

Cal’s response was immediate. The wine was swallowed, hands coming to the back of Sulu’s head, pulling him into the renewed kiss. Sulu’s lips were crushed against Cal’s, Cal’s tongue thrusting past his into his mouth, harsh where Sulu had been erotic. The force continued, Cal leaning heavily over Sulu’s kneeling form, pushing him relentlessly back. Sulu tried to struggle, to rearrange his legs, pinned uncomfortably beneath him. Cal pressed harder, and only when Sulu’s shoulders were on the bed did he release his hold on Sulu’s head. Cal quickly sat up, grabbing Sulu’s knees to pull his legs out from under him, then straddled his hips, his hands on the bed, on either side of Sulu’s shoulders. The eyes that stared down at him were dark and hungry and somehow threatening. Yet Cal’s voice was seductive, sensual, only slightly hoarse with passion.

“You did well with her, pet,” he murmured. “You kept her helpless. That was good, very good. But you must learn to use your imagination, to tease and taunt those you take. The cool melon on my hot skin - that was very erotic. The sake from your mouth was better. You see the reaction you provoked in me; and by so simple a thing, so small a step toward ever more exotic fantasy. You are a god, Kamikaze. Never forget that. Never let those you use forget it. They want to worship, beloved; they need to worship you. They will be guided by you toward the fulfill­ment of your every desire. And that, I promise you, will fulfill them.”

Cal leaned forward, kissing Sulu deeply. He shifted his body, moving his legs from the outside of Sulu’s hips, pressing his body hard against Sulu’s to push between his legs. “But you must do more,” was whispered between the meetings of lips and tongue. “You must show them your power. You must make them know it...” Hands caressed Sulu’s chest and neck

“...and fear it...” the bodies pressing more firmly together

“... and want it...” hands moving down Sulu’s sides, trailing fire and need

“...and fear the wanting...” eyes mesmerizing, deep and alive with hunger

“...and, my pet, you must make them want the fear. You must enslave them to your will... you must allow them to sacrifice themselves on your altar....


....as you sacrifice yourself on mine.” Cal’s hands abruptly grabbed Sulu’s thighs, pulling them up to his shoulders. Before Sulu could react, Cal had forced his buttocks apart, entering him with harsh, quick jabs. The shriek was torn from his throat, covered by the sound of Cal’s exultant cry. Then the dark eyes flashed down at him, a cruel smile curling Cal’s lips. “Next - time,” Cal grunted, voice thick now and dylithium-hard, and timed with the brutal thrusts, “you - will - give - me - more!”


“....and give you all that you deserve. A little more, Kamikaze. Always you must draw from them a little more.”

The final kiss was fervently passionate, and Sulu helplessly responded. They writhed hedonistically together, oil-slicked bodies heating under the friction. Sulu was soon breathless, moaning with need and hunger. When Cal grasped his thighs, raising them to his shoulders, Sulu could only groan a heavy assent, and gasp out his ecstasy at the forceful penetration.


Sulu hated the weakness more than anything. Amber was supposed to allow you to do what you wanted.... so why wasn’t it letting him get up, move, cover his ice-cold body? The air in the room was now thick with smoke, the dim light flickering.... candlelight. He swallowed, tasting honey. Memory, dim and diffused, taunted him - or was it a dream? - the sound of a drumbeat, chants and calls, an acrid smell and fingers painting his lips with thick, sweet liquid, as Cal had painted them with sake. He swallowed again, closing his eyes.


“Choose,” Cal’s voice whispered in his ear.

Only three screens were lit. Sulu found himself wondering if Cal had left them tied up all night, if they’d had food or water. He had slept, and eaten a sumptuous breakfast. He was a little confused at the passage of time - he simply couldn’t make the hours add up, even accounting for sleep. But he couldn’t argue with the light coming in through the stained glass windows. He was lying in the huge bed, relax­ing on his stomach, propped up on his elbows, the dishes from breakfast on the table beside him. There had been another butter-gold capsule beside his plate, and he’d taken it without a thought. Cal knelt between his spread legs, sensually massaging his back and shoulders. There was fire simmering just beneath the surface of Sulu’s blood, the amber waiting for emotion - for wanting - to activate it. There was no such emotion.

“They don’t interest me,” Sulu replied.

“None of them?” Cal asked, surprised.

Sulu shook his head, surprised himself that it was true. The little red-head was too ordinary. He still couldn’t explain why the two clearly attractive young men didn’t attract him anymore, but he didn’t take the time to examine it too closely. He turned his head to look at Cal. The elegantly bearded face was frowning.

“I have gone to great expense on your behalf, Kamikaze,” he stated.

“I know.”

“They were selected from among the finest professionals. I can guarantee they will not disappoint you.”

“I don’t doubt it, Cal.”

“Then choose, pet.”

Sulu sighed. “Can’t I...” He stopped, realizing what he wanted. “I have a lover, Cal.”

The fingers on his back stopped moving. “Do you, beloved?”

Sulu pulled himself from around Cal’s body, turning, sitting to face the older man. “Don’t be jealous,” he said softly. “It isn’t serious.”

Cal’s laugh startled him. “Jealous? Is that what you think, pet?” Cal laughed again. “No, dear Kamikaze, no. I am not jealous of the others upon whom you bestow the magic of your divinity.” His hand reached out, caressing Sulu’s face. “This - lover. Was she - she?”

Sulu nodded.

“Was she here during last night’s festivities?”

Sulu shook his head. “No, not last night.”

“Well, then, beloved, as it is unlikely she is here this morning, she is of no help to us.” Cal’s voice darkened and his hands gently grasped Sulu’s shoulders, turning him to again face the screen. “Choose.”

Sulu found his lack of interest was quickly becoming aversion. “Cal, I don’t want them.”

“Allow them to pique your interest.”

Sulu resolutely turned back. “No.”

Cal started, as if slapped in the face. “No? You tell me no, Kamikaze?”

Sulu swallowed. “I told you I don’t want them.”

“After all I have done for you, after all I arranged for your pleasure...”

“And it was wonderful and I’m grateful, but...” Sulu sighed. “I don’t want any more. Not right now.”

Cal’s eyes hardened. “But you expect there will be more when you do want it.”

That gave Sulu pause. Did he? Was this a one night fantasy-come-true? Cal had said there would be more, whenever and whatever he wanted. He’d said he did it because he loved his ‘young god.’ Were there strings on that love? The thought made Sulu angry, and he started to rise from the bed.

“I did,” he said, “but I won’t expect it any more. Thanks for everything, Cal. I owe you....”


.... “Indeed you do, pet,” Cal returned, his smooth voice transformed into an ugly snarl. “And you will pay what you owe.”

Sulu recognized the tone and leapt away from the bed and Cal’s reach. Cal smiled, an unpleasant sneer, and gestured around the room.

“And to where will you run, Sulu?” he asked. “I am between you and the public rooms. You can but go deeper into my private apartments. I need only wait till your hunger makes you more - compliant.”

Amber fed Sulu’s anger, refusing to let it turn to cowering fear. “I’m younger,” Sulu heard himself snarl, “and faster...”

“Then come at me, pet,” Cal crooned tauntingly, “come and show me your godhood.” He laughed and Sulu’s blood raged as the emotion flared white hot.

He charged at the door, knowing Cal would move to stop him, prepared to dodge or, if necessary, simply bowl the older man over with sheer momentum. But while amber fed emotion, it clouded the thinking. He didn’t consider that Cal might simply extend one leg, tripping him.

He fell hard to the thick carpet and felt the weight of Cal’s body pinning him down. Roaring in fury, he tried to push up against him, to throw him off. But Cal’s hand came down on the back of his neck, holding his face to the rug, the other hand at the inside of his left thigh, pushing his legs apart.

All the rage instantly vanished, terror freezing Sulu’s veins. He knew what would happen, knew he would be unable to stop it. He knew he would again feel helpless, paralyzed, his body refusing his commands. He would feel the burning penetration, Cal’s breath in his ear, telling him over and over that he would learn to love it, that he did love it. It was the only way.

And if it was the only way....

‘Deep breaths, block out the fear. Endure. Accept. Relax. It will hurt less if you relax.’

He didn’t know where the soft, deep, calming voice had come from, and it didn’t matter. He forced himself to stop struggling. He made himself exhale, long and controlled, at the moment of first penetration. He concentrated on the passage of time. All he had to do was endure, accept, for a little while. ‘Only a few minutes. Breathe, relax. Only a little while more. Endure, accept. It will be over soon. Relax, endure... accept....’

The explosion of passion burned within him, and he felt Cal collapse against his back. He lay, unmoving, until he felt the withdrawal, Cal raising himself off the floor. He found to his relief that this time he could curl up, and he hugged his knees to his chest.

“Get up,” Cal said above him, and the voice was gentle, calm and urging. “Come back to the bed, pet.”

Slowly, trying not to shake, Sulu, too, rose from the floor....


“Is it so difficult, beloved, to please me?” Cal’s plaintive voice asked.

Sulu was confused. “To please you...?”

Cal shrugged, self-deprecating. “I wanted to give you great gifts. But if my best efforts cannot impress you... surely you could be generous in your acceptance regardless - to please an old man who only wants to bring you pleasure.”

Sulu sighed, sitting back down on the bed. “Of course, Cal. I said I was grateful.”

“Then choose. For me, this time, Sulu. For me.”

Swallowing sudden, not-quite-explain­able sorrow, Sulu nodded, turning back to the screens. He chose the only one left who could possibly arouse him.


The dungeon setting wasn’t conducive to Sulu’s mood. It almost demanded prior arousal, and Sulu simply wasn’t aroused. The bare iron bed that held his companion evoked dark images of the fine line between pleasure and pain - but it was the last thing Sulu wanted to explore. The inexplicable sadness clung to him, only growing deeper at the knowledge that he was clearly disappointing the red-haired woman - and that that would disappoint Cal. He’d again dressed for the decor; black tights with a surcoat of emerald green, chosen to match the woman’s eyes. But the clothing didn’t help. Amber lay like a banked fire within him, providing little light and no heat.

Sighing, Sulu sat down on the bed. He stroked the woman’s thick hair, tried not to see the pleading in her eyes.

“You’re very pretty,” he told her.

“Take me,” she whispered.

He shook his head. “I think I’m spent.”

Her eyes widened, then her whole face tightened in frustration. “He can’t do this to me!” she rasped.

“I’m sorry...” Sulu began.

“Damnit...” Her body writhed next to him. “Come on, honey,” she urged. “Give it a try.”

“I don’t think...” he started again.

Her voice grew desperate. “Then let me up, let me help!”

Sulu stared at her, confused. Why was she so insistent? Cal had said he’d already paid...

“Come on, baby,” she breathed. “I know how to make it good. Just come on up to my mouth, then, okay? I’ll get you ready.”

“I’m really sorry...” he tried again.

With a cry of sheer frustration, she began pulling against the coarse ropes, begging him to touch her, release her, come to her. His heart beat faster, his confusion growing...

...then he caught the sudden impression of red and urgency and he knew. She was soaring. Venus, aphrodisiac.

Cal, why did you do this?

He clenched his teeth, quickly releasing the ropes. She lunged at him, tearing at his clothes, her fire and need sweeping over him. Amber reacted, sending golden hunger to match the scarlet flames. It was violent and furious, no careful orchestration, no controlled exploration of desire. Sulu gave her the ferocity venus craved, taking the satiation amber demanded. His over-stimu­lated body refused to climax, the physical processes necessary having been thoroughly drained. And so he rode her body for what seemed like hours, changing positions only to give aching muscles a brief rest. She screamed so often and so loudly that he was unable to tell if it was from orgasm or need. And when, finally, his strain­ing body collapsed on her, unable to continue, she moved beneath him, riding still, even after consciousness left him.


He came to with a start at a cool touch on his arm. He was still on the floor of the dungeon room; he could hear whimpers from somewhere behind him. Cal knelt at his side, helping him up.

“She still needs you, Kamikaze,” was whispered in his ear.

Sulu tried to clear his head, but the effort only made the mild disorientation worse. “What happened?” he managed hoarsely. Cal chuckled.

“I would say round one to her, pet,” came the answer. He was fully on his feet, Cal’s arms around him, caressing the small of his back. “Are you prepared for round two?”

The touch sent tendrils of hunger - and something else - through him. He ignored the something else as amberglow resurfaced. “Where is she?” he rasped.


Cal smiled, watching the heat rise in the black almonds that were Sulu’s eyes. He hadn’t been at all pleased with his pet’s lack of enthusiasm, nor with the fact that he had again unbound the whore Cal had so thoughtfully provided for him. He had to admit that the sheer force of the coupling had almost made up for the disappointment. Still, it hadn’t been what he had wanted, and dear Kamikaze must remedy the situation.

“She is back on the bed awaiting your touch,” he replied. Sulu began to move from his embrace, and he tightened his arms. “But, my beloved, she was not enough to satisfy you. She proved unworthy of your power, your divinity. Instruction is needed before she can expect to be graced with your attentions. She must be taught how to properly arouse you.” He saw the slight twinge of fear beneath the surface of Sulu’s arousal and nodded to himself. He kissed the young mouth, holding onto the back of Sulu’s neck with one hand, the other pressing at the base of the spine, forcing Sulu’s hips hard against his own pelvis.

The struggle was purely internal. Cal could feel it, though Sulu’s mouth returned the kiss, and the erection held against the silk of Cal’s robe strengthened. Good, very good. The triggers Cal had so consciously implanted were working already. That combination of touch would soon evoke automatic fear - and automatic desire. Cal would have, always, the struggle and the need. The thought was enough to partially engorge his own member.

He broke the kiss when Sulu began to take the initiative. He placed a finger against Sulu’s lips, stepping away from the young man. Without taking his gaze from Sulu, he said, softly, “Willow.”

The door to the dungeon opened, and a slender young woman dressed in skin-tight black leather entered. Her hair was short and black, her eyes equally dark, her skin pale gold with full red lips. She smiled, tossing her layered hair from her eyes.

“Hi, Kam,” she said.


Sulu stared, his mouth suddenly gone dry as the young racer walked, slinky and sexy, over to Cal, kissing him. He knew her, had raced with her, had made love to her. He even knew her name: Loki Monolem. Willow was currently the name of her needle. She was Haven, and Clavist rules didn’t apply to her unless she wanted them to. With Sulu, she hadn’t wanted them to.

Cal smiled at her, caressing the side of her leather-clad body.

“Willow has graciously agreed to act as tutor,” Cal said.

“Only because it’s you, darling Kamikaze,” Loki purred.

“So I will leave you to your work,” Cal stated with a final caress. Then his eyes met Sulu’s. “Please me, pet,” he murmured.

The tone made Sulu shudder, but it was quickly forgotten as Loki sidled up to him. She gracefully crouched down at his feet, then slowly rose, writhing her body all along his as she did. He grasped her head, pulling her up into a deep kiss. She broke away, laughing.

“Amber-hungry, I see,” she said, then licked her lips. “Let’s use that, Kam. Let’s burn this little aphrodite.”

Sulu’s attention was brought back to the red-haired woman once again bound on the iron bed. Loki sauntered over to her, running taunting fingers along the sweat-streaked skin.

“I like her full breasts, don’t you?” she asked, pinching one already hard nipple. Then she turned her back to the bed, holding out her arms. “Come on, Kam,” she whispered sensually, “peel me out of this second skin.”


Sweat was starting to form on Cal’s brow. He gazed avidly at the screen before him, hours melting away in the erotic reverie. The pleasure was so intense he had been unable to stop his hand from grasping at his throbbing erection. He could not bring himself to climax, he knew that too well. But the arousal needed some acknowledgment - and from the look of things it would be hours before he could slake his thirst in Sulu’s struggling body.

It had taken over an hour for Sulu to strip Willow of her leather - and he had had her rub that leather all over the whore’s straining body before he had removed a single part. He’d parted the whore’s legs, allowing Willow to slide her leather-covered thigh between them, then had sensually licked the wetness left there. He forced Willow astride the whore, then slowly peeled the leather from her breasts, sucking on them as he knelt between the whore’s legs, his erection just barely touching, teasing the whore’s hungry flesh. He’d laid Willow on her back on top of the whore, bathing Willow’s body with his tongue as he carefully removed the leather, inch by slow, sensual inch - using that leather to further torment the whore’s need. When Willow was at last naked, he turned her face down on the whore, telling her to writhe and kiss and arouse the woman, to teach her how to raise the hunger.

Sulu had knelt on the bed close to their heads. He grasped Willow’s hair, turning her face to his erection. She eagerly took it in her mouth. He pulled her head away and whispered one hoarse word. “Share.”

Willow had quickly pressed her mouth against him, pushing him down to the whore’s waiting lips. They had devoured him together, as Cal devoured the look of ecstasy on his young god’s face. Soon Sulu was on top of Willow, thrusting inside her as the whore cried out in despairing fury. He pulled Willow up from the whore’s body, holding her back to his chest, his hands crushing her breasts. The whore shrieked in desperation. Willow’s arms came up around Sulu’s neck as his head bent to ravage the side of her throat. The whore started swearing, demanding that Sulu take her, her body bucking beneath the couple moving so furiously against her hips. Her struggles freed one of her arms, and she reached for Willow’s thigh, pushing viciously, toppling Willow and Sulu off her heaving body and onto the floor.

Cal had to hold his breath as Sulu came up off the floor, rage twisting his handsome features. The whore began pleading, and to Cal’s breathless delight, Sulu struck her hard across the face.

“Is this what you want?” came the snarl from the screen as Sulu grabbed the whore’s free arm, holding it down. “You want me to touch you?” Again Sulu slapped her. She cried out, but her body arched to him. A third slap brought a moan of need from swelling lips. “Loki, hold her,” Sulu said. Willow - Loki; Cal filed the information in his head - sat on the whore’s arm. In the time that followed, Cal was certain she’d rubbed herself to climax on it more than once.

It was ecstasy. It was perfect.

For now.


Sulu tormented the red-haired woman for the sheer luxury of feeling the rush of erotic heat from her being when he did so. He pinched her, slapped her, twisted her flesh in his hands. He kissed and licked - then bit her flesh. His fingers explored her wetness, painting her body, painting, too, Loki’s hungry lips. He thrust his erection into the red-head’s mouth, then slapped her face with it. He teased her aching genitals, rubbing himself against her, then giving his moisture-coated organ to Loki’s waiting mouth. He rammed his fingers into her, then slapped her hard, his open hand making a most satis­fying smack against her wet flesh. Still she begged and moaned, venus’ fire refusing to let her rest.

It went on, Sulu went on. The fire in his brain had long since consumed all thoughts of anything other than the need to keep the stimulation coming. He had forgotten all about Cal, all he wanted was in the room with him. He fed off Loki’s avid hunger as he assaulted the red-head. He fed off the red-head’s desperate urgency. Each time Loki brought herself off he felt the surge of passion as though he himself had orgasmed. It was so good to be able to feel that peak, yet to have the red-head’s constant reaching for it at the same time. It kept him on the edge, yet not so close as to want release. He found himself fervently praying it might never end - and didn’t once question the power sweeping through his body that was making it possible.


Cal trembled. The end was close now. It would take all his control to give Sulu the bath and massage so necessary for his own completion. Amber - and the stim-shot Cal had surreptitiously given him - had kept Sulu going longer than Cal had expected, long past the whore’s inevitable collapse. To Cal’s joy, Sulu didn’t take her until she was unconscious. Then he moved in her until Loki pulled him away and rode him to their own collapse.

Cal breathed deeply, calming himself though every sense was desperate to run to his beloved prince, to claim the mastery he had shown. Only the third whore and he was already taking with the violence Cal needed. The devotion rose up in Cal’s mind. He had no need to doubt it now. Here, at last, at long last, was the strength and power to end his suffering. Sulu needed only to be led, to be given the opportunities to explore. He had proven it - in two days. It had only been two days. Cal shivered with the pleasure, the ecstasy of knowing he would never be left hungry again.


Sulu’s heart pounded, sweat soaking his skin and hair. His blood raced, demanding what his exhausted body could no longer supply. Loki kissed his chest, holding on tightly to him, her hips still against his. He tried to take deep breaths, to calm the fever within him - but he couldn’t concentrate and Loki’s weight was rapidly becoming uncomfortable. He didn’t understand that, he’d always found the feel of his lover resting against him to be a soothing one. Now...

It was unbearable, and he sat up, moving Loki off of him. He realized he hadn’t been careful when her protest reached his ears:

“Hey, Kam, I’m still alive here.”

He mumbled a “sorry,” and got to his feet. He glanced at the bed. The red-head lay like a dead weight, her breathing shallow, all the venus fire ashes within her. He felt Loki’s arms snaking around him.

“That was fantastic,” she breathed in his ear. For no reason he could fathom, it irritated him and he stepped away from her embrace. “Kam?” she questioned.

The door to the dungeon opened and Sulu turned to it. Cal stepped in. Their eyes met for a fraction of a second, then Cal bowed flamboyantly toward Loki.

“Willow, my dear, we are eternally in your debt,” he said. “You could not have pleased your prince more.”

She shrugged, running her hand through her hair. “Tell his highness,” she returned. Cal’s eyebrows rose in amazement.

“Pet, is this true? You are not fulfilled?”

Sulu rubbed his arms. “I - don’t know,” he mumbled.

“Surely Willow slaked your need.”

“Yes, but...” Sulu shook his head. He knew what was wrong. There was no afterglow, no emotional exhaustion, no sweet lethargy. He didn’t know why, but he felt restless and on edge, his body as tense as if he hadn’t yet begun.

Cal came close to him, his hand concerned - possessive - against Sulu’s forearm. “There is need, still, beloved?” he asked softly.

Sulu grit his teeth, gave the same answer. “Yes, but...”

Sudden, calculated, understanding came into Cal’s eyes. “But... your body is not prepared for further - activity.”

Sulu nodded miserably, his gaze seeking Loki’s. “I’m sorry,” he rasped.

She shrugged again, but her returned gaze was puzzled. “Why? You sure as hell sated me.”

How could he have, Sulu wondered, when he could feel the need reverberating so strongly?

Cal was caressing his arm, pulling him gently but inexorably toward the door. “Come, then, pet. I have a bath...”


...Sulu abruptly jerked away. “No,” he said.

“No, Kamikaze?” Cal repeated. His tone was innocent enough, but Sulu could see the threat behind it.

“I - I don’t know what’s wrong with me. I think - I think I just want to...”

“Do you wish more of Willow’s excellent attentions?” Cal asked. The skepticism in his dark eyes made it plain that he didn’t think Sulu could handle the humiliation of such an attempt.

Sulu flushed. “No,” he admitted. “I want to...”

“A bath, then, to calm you. Then you can decide.” Cal again took his arm. Again Sulu pulled away.

“Leave me alone!” he rasped.

“He is cruising, isn’t he?” Loki decided to break in. She’d been watching the interaction and didn’t understand what she was seeing. Where was Kam’s jaunty caring and effervescence? Why was he reacting to Cal this way? After what Cal had just provided them both, shouldn’t Kam be happy with the idea of a nice, hot bath?

“Of course,” Cal returned. “But this is not new to him.”

“Maybe he got a bad hit?”

“Willow, really! Can you doubt my suppliers?”

“Since they’re Haven, I guess not.” She moved slowly toward Kamikaze. “Kam, everything’s all right.” He stood, shivering, as she approached him.

“Don’t make me go with him,” he hissed, almost inaudibly.

She took his hand. “Kam, you’re cold...”

“I’m on fire!”

Her fingers touched his shoulder. “Not by me.”

“Please, don’t leave...” His eyes shone at her, desperate fear. She still didn’t understand, but fear like that she had to protect. She turned.

“Cal, I’ll take care of him,” she said. “He’s just having some sort of bad reaction...”

“Enough of this nonsense,” Cal snapped. “Sulu, you need to bathe, to calm your system. Come”

Loki started. Sulu? Sulu?? Cal knew Kam’s name?!

“Please....” Whispered despair. Loki answered it.

“Really, Cal, I can handle it...”

“I’m certain you can, Loki, dear,” Cal returned, his voice even. “But he is my responsibility.”

And now he knows mine. Any Monolem knew a threat when she heard one. She took a deep breath. “Kam,” she said turning to the young man beside her, “I’m sure it’ll be fine. I’ll meet you downstairs later, OK?

Emptiness had replaced the despair, dread certainty the fear in Kam’s black eyes. Still, he tried one more time. “Please....”

Loki turned away. She couldn’t face him. Cal again took hold of his arm, and again Kam tried to jerk away. But Cal held on, pulling him to the door. After a brief moment of resistance, Kam stumbled after him. Loki shuddered. What could there be between Cal and - Sulu - that could scare the reckless, carefree Terran so? And did she really want to know?


...Cal’s hands were rough, hurried, in the shower. Sulu didn’t notice. The bath was warm and soothing to over-worked muscles, Cal’s swift massage no less effective for the haste. Sulu didn’t feel the heat, or the relaxation. The brisk rub-down with the luxuriously soft towel was meant to be invigora­ting. It had no effect on him. Cal led him to the bed…


…nearly throwing him down onto it. He started to curl up, but Cal grasped his ankles, moving forcefully between his legs. Sulu moaned into the mattress, but didn’t struggle, didn’t protest. He didn’t try to stop the gasp at the penetration, but no more sound came from him save the rhythmic hissing of his breath. Cal was speaking to him, his voice hoarse and thick with lascivious need. Sulu didn’t try to identify the words. There were pin-pricks of fire stabbing through him, no longer the pleasant heat of desire, but sharp, stinging, the sensation far more immediate than the regular thrusts into his body. It was almost as if Cal wasn’t really there, wasn’t really taking him, a dream, or memory...

Sulu’s awareness was brought sharply back to reality as Cal fiercely yanked his head back. “You will respond to me!” was hissed in his ear.

“Can’t...” Sulu rasped.

Another yank, his shoulders coming up off the bed with the strength of it. “You will respond, Kamikaze!”

Sulu swallowed, choked. “I... can’t...!”

He heard the snarl of frustration and abruptly his head was pushed into the mattress, Cal’s hand at the back of his neck. He felt the hard pressure at the base of his spine....


....and fireworks exploded behind his eyes, an inferno rising up within him, claiming his senses. The pin-pricks of pain disappeared in the rush of furious hunger. All promise of satiation centered around the flesh moving, pumping in him, and he cried out with the need, pushing fiercely back to meet each glorious stroke until the rush of liquid heat into him sent him spiraling down into unconsciousness.

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