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Uhura's Ballad

On the Starship Enterprise
There's someone who's in Satan's guise,
Whose devil's ears and devil's eyes
Could rip your heart from you!

At first his look could hypnotize,
And then his touch would barbarize.
His alien love could victimize...
And rip your heart from you!

And that's why female astronauts
Oh very female astronauts
Wait terrified and overwrought
To find what he will do.

Fools in space, be wary, be wary, be wary!
Fools in space, be wary!
We know not what he'll do.


From the racing lanes of space
There comes a royal racing ace
With tempting eyes and smiling face
To rip your heart from you

With sword in hand and target found
He値l charm all your defenses down
The best swashbuckler around
He値l rip your heart from you.

From Vegan to Andorian
Each species hungers to become
A part of his famed collection
We all know what he値l do

He's the one we pray for and long night and day for
We can稚 stay away
For we know just what he値l do.


From a world so lush and green
There comes a woman, tall and lean
The loveliest we致e ever seen
To rip your heart from you.

With eyes of velvet amethyst
And ruby lips made to be kissed
No man yet born can long resist
She値l rip your heart from you

Her charms are of Antari fame
She weaves a spell of golden flame
Her fire could drive a man insane
We know what lust can do!

Men in space, be wary, be wary, be wary
Men in space, be wary
We know not what she値l do

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