Mrraal is a big, tall, black, bi-pedal cat; in other words, Caitian, from the planet Cait. He is a skilled engeineer with a cat-like (forgive me, Mrraal) curiousity and a tendency to take things apart. His long, strong tail can be used as a whip-like weapon when necessary, adding to the already sharp teeth and retractable claws that are the mainstay of a Caitian's personal arsenal.

Mrraal is also a very talented drummer, with a strong voice - though he does have a tendency to yowl rather than sing when over-excited by music he's playing.

When assigned to the Enterprise, Mrraal immediately gravitated toward the ship's other Caitian crewmember, the lovely, tabby-colored M'ress (see M'ress). It's assumed that there will someday be Caitian litters on board.

NOTE: All information current up through Standard Year 2248

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