Who's Your Valjiir Mate?
(For Men)

1) How would you want to spend a first date?

It doesn't matter as long as we have fun
Working on an engineering project
Going over each other's - *ahem* - portfolios
Talking, getting to know one another
Anything as long as we end up in bed. I'm not fussy

2) What's the first thing you think a woman notices about you?

The ‘package'
Shoulders and arms

3) Word Association: Marriage...

Mazel Tov!

4) Do you see yourself having children?

Eventually, I suppose…
A few
Yes, of course

5) Where would you prefer to live?

On a starship
Anywhere that is quiet and peaceful
Would Jerusalem be too much to ask?
A spaceport
A country home not too far from a city

6) If you could afford only one of the following, which would you buy: yacht, luxury car, racing horse

I need none of those things
Ooh, a yacht!
Luxury car
And why is it only one?
Is the horse a winner?

7) In social settings, is it more important to you for your partner to be drop-dead gorgeous or a sparkling conversationalist?

A conversationalist, definitely, or I'd die of boredom
Oh, so drop dead gorgeous!
Drop-dead gorgeous. I want people to know I can afford the best
A conversationalist. Beauty is only skin deep
A conversationalist. I never know what to say in social settings

8) How's your sex drive?

Maybe too hot for you to handle. You want to find out?
I'd prefer not to answer that question until we get to know one another better
Ready to go. Yours?

9) Finally, complete the sentence: "Love means..."

Never having to… oh, seriously? Zikherkayt - security
Joy and perfect union
Getting along

Please make sure you've answered all the questions!
Code adapted from alanna's quiz tutorial