Janice Rand

Janice Rand (also known as "the woman who wears a basket on her head" - quote courtesy of Ruth Valley) is the Chief Yeoman on the U.S.S. Enterprise. A lovely blue-eyed blonde, she quickly became enamoured of Captain Kirk, and he was just as quickly enamoured of her. Their affair was discreet, due to the fact that she was a member of his crew, but it was hardly a secret on the ship itself. When it ended, they remained amiable friends.

Janice was born in Philadeplphia, Pennsylvania, North American continent, Terra, Sol-Jupiter system. Her educational background is in Management and Event Planning - the perfect subjects for the eventual position of yeoman to a starship captain. Her actual job is to maintain his logs and schedule, and to provide him with whatever information he might require for briefings and communications with Starfleet Command. Informally, she's also a personal assistent and, at times, den mother.

Janice is a personable young women, capable and efficient, with a tolerant attitude toward not only the captain's foibles, but the crew's teasing. There are times when her mothering instincts annoy the captain, and she also tends to take care of the Bridge crew in such matters as bringing coffee and cleaning up after them when they take meals in places other than the mess or their own quarters. This is almost always appreciated, and Janice has never been known to complain about the extra work she cheerfully performs.

NOTE: All information current up through Standard Year 2248

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