Recreational Substances Addendum

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Below is a list of the most popularly-used recreational substances found in the Federation. Most, as might be expected, are Haven in origin.

First are two generic terms for a number of chemical substances:

Barb - a generic term for anything that knocks you out, or puts you to sleep. Most forms are addictive and controlled if not actually illegal.

Stim - a generic term for anything that keeps you up and alert. Like barbs, most forms are addictive and controlled or illegal.

The drug-of-choice for most Clavists that isn't Haven is Rigellian. This is an herb, grown mostly in the Rigellian system (hence the name), and is usually smoked in a pipe, though there are a fair number who roll it into blunts or cigars. It's mildly intoxicating, very relaxing and not at all addictive. There are a lot of people who AREN'T Clavists who use it. It isn't illegal, though it gives some people (notably Vulcans) a headache.

Haven Pharmaceuticals:
Amber - an inhibition-release, a rich, butter-gold color. It allows you to do what you want to do with no conscience. It doesn't MAKE you do anything. That is, you can sit still and read a book on amber if you want. The key is 'if you want.' However, the pull to do 'what you want' is nearly irresistible. Amber is technically non-addictive, and therefore legal, but it has the effect of building up in one's system, and eventually one begins to lose memory of what one does while on it. When one is using amber, one is said to be 'cruising.'

Emerald - is a sensory-heightener. It's bright green. It magnifies all sensation and makes you want more, so that, even if what you're feeling would ordinarily be painful, you'd still want it to continue. Very popular among Clavists because it intensifies the experience of racing. Non-addictive, but very habit-forming because everything seems so dull after it wears off. Because of this, it's a controlled substance, available only through medical professionals. When you're on emerald, you're said to be 'needing.'

Venus - this one is named for what it does. It's bright red, and is the most powerful aphrodisiac known. It even effects Antaris. It's very addictive, and very illegal. The effects on the Human body are so powerful that if one is denied sexual release, the strain on the cardio-vascular system can kill. There are no known cases of an addiction to venus being successfully treated. Addicts are known as 'aphrodites' and on venus, you're 'soaring. There is a watered-down version of this drug which merely enhances the user's sexual attractiveness without the dangerous side-effects. But while it's not as powerful an aphrodisiac, it's just as addicting.

Coral - this is a combination of amber and the milder form of venus. It's a pink-peachy color. Obviously, then, it lets you do what you want with no conscience, and what you want to do is fuck. A lot of sexual professionals are coral junkies, known as 'reefs' (a term obviously made up by someone with a sick sense of humor). It isn't quite as physically debilitating as venus addiction, and there are people who've successfully quit an addiction to coral. Coral is as illegal as venus. On coral, you're 'melting.'

Ruby - this is red, too, though a darker, deeper, blood-red. Ruby causes violence. It releases inhibitions like amber does, but it then channels the release in violent tendencies. It isn't very popular, because most people want to have a good time, not to fight. It does have quite a following with sado-masochistic crowds, but even that's only occasionally, because it's dangerous. Like venus, if the release of violence is denied, serious damage can result. It's non-addictive, but it is illegal because of the nature of its effects. On ruby, one is 'raging.'

Sapphire - this is a sensory block. It's a rich blue color and the opposite of emerald. It dulls everything. If you take enough of it, you tend to sit in corners and stare. For those people who are particularly psychically or emotionally or empathically open, it's a godsend. For others, it's a way to calm down. When you're on sapphire, you're 'grounding.' Because it's very habit-forming, though not technically addictive, (like emerald) it's also a controlled substance, available only through medical professionals.

Jet - this is black, and takes you down. Not quite unconscious, you can hear and see (if you can keep your eyes open) but you can't react and you don't feel. Addictive and illegal, it's a much stronger form of sapphire. Too much causes temporary paralysis. On jet, you're 'crashing.'

Crystal - this is kind of like emerald without the kick. It's clear. It magnifies sensations, but doesn't necessarily make you want them to continue. Pain hurts more, pleasure feels better, etc., whereas emerald just keeps you hungry for any sensation. People usually use crystal simply to enhance a good time, and yes, it's also popular among sado-masochistic types. Not addictive and not illegal. Most people consider it pretty harmless. On crystal, you're 'flying.'

Fireice - this is a nasty little piece of work. It looks like crystal with little red sparks frozen in it. It heightens your senses, but freezes your reactions. So you're 'frozen' in your emotional state, which is what it's called when you're on fireice - 'frozen' or 'freezing.' If you're aroused, you stay aroused but can't do anything about it. It's a 'rape' drug, given to someone you want cooperative. Some people use this in combination with ruby to give them a powerful internal kick. It is non-addictive, but illegal due to its coercive properties.

Kaleidoscope - this is multi-colored and fractures the senses. It's a powerful hallucinogen. Non-addictive and legal, those using kaleidoscope are 'shattered.'

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